Friday, February 25, 2005

Nanaca Crash

Nanaca Crash This is a game similar in execution to Smack The Pingu - ie select angle and force of hit and see how far you can fly an object throught the air - but this time there's not a penguin or yet in site as it's in Japanese anime style.

You start the game by choosing angle and speed and then a bicycle comes in from the left and knocks someone over. The knocked over person takes the role of the penguin flying through the air - but this time different effects happen when you land on various people. Sometime your angle changes, you get a boost or just stop dead.

via Ultimate Insult


hypersloth said...

English instructions here

mmChronic said...

Cheers Hyper. Still bloody impossible though. ;)

mmChronic said...

We have a winnah!

The best I got was 1174 or something. No way I'll get anywhere near that score!

hypersloth said...

I thought I'd already posted this, but it's not showing up, so if it comes up twice...

Anyway, I tried a couple of times and was happy with 388, but then I read some more, and immediately did this.

I'm sure it's a fluke, but woot regardless. I haven't tried playing again for obvious reasons.