Thursday, February 17, 2005


We featured MusicPlasma over a year ago though I've noticed it doing the rounds again recently. Well it has now been extended to do film searches too and renamed to LivePlasma. You can now search by title, actor and director.

It works very well but doesn't seem to cross search between films and music. For instance, to pluck a random mental actor cum rocker name out of the air, Jack Black has done filmwork as an actor and released records. It would be nice to see that linked. Other than that though it's an excellent way of browsing through a person's filmography, making it easy to see what other works they've appeared in and who with.


Dogs said...

Comments are working! Hoorah!

Anyway, MusicPlasma got me thinking about Jeff Minter. I'm now taking bets on the Gamecube dying immediately... the Yak has been developing a game for it. Or at least he was until Molyneux pulled the plug. Maybe the Gamecube will last a bit longer as Jeff didn't get the chance to release his game.

Dogs said...

Yes that was a bit tenuous. I just saw the words music and plasma and ...well y'know

mmChronic said...

We likes a bit of tenuosity. It allows for... well anything really.

Didn't we establish the Yak just had to think about developing to kill a platform? A cancelled project is a certain kiss of death.

I thought we'd posted on here about the likes of Dixons/Argos etc supposedly dumping the GC but I can't finid it - but it looks like Minter's to blame again. ;)