Monday, February 14, 2005

Morning Millions

My Favourite Swear Word. That Channel 4 thing from a while back. NSFW, obviously. (via)

Browser speed comparisons. Interesting. (via)

Cat agility
ICAT - International Cat Agility Tournaments.

NASA Brain Bites - Munchies For Your Mind.

Microsoft probes anti-spyware Trojan.
On Wednesday, antivirus company Sophos reported a new Trojan horse, dubbed "Bankash-A," which suppresses warning messages displayed by Microsoft AntiSpyware and deletes all of the files in the program's folder. The Trojan also steals passwords and online-banking details from Windows users.


mmChronic said...

If there was an 'Assisted By Human Foot' event at ICAT you'd be onto a winner! ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

I regularly practice a sport similar to that mentioned in my back garden. Apart from seeing how high you can kick them there is also the sport of throwing rocks at them when they eat/piss all over my plants. Then there is the upturned nails on my fence game.
Come to Newcastle for "Real Cat Olympics"

mmChronic said...

We would have won the City of Culture thing if we'd had included that as well as the Tall Ships.

Well that and the fact Gateshead let us down. ;)

Flip said...

I use Firefox for my Pron work...however I have to say I find the image loading tediously slow...or as a noob geek type I doing summat wrong? do I get a comment pic thinggy like you guys?

And can it be risque?

mmChronic said...

For the image, log in to Blogger Dashboard, the click edit profile in the top right. In there there's a bit for putting a path to an image.

I don't think there's any limitation as to what type of pic you use.

Re FF. That speed test showed it was slower than IE at displaying images but not by a huge amount. There's been mutterings on here about some 'render immediately' flag that you can set in FF to make it start laying pages out quicker or something - that might be worth a crack.

I'm sure Merg will know which one it is! ;)