Wednesday, February 23, 2005


This is probably US only (though I can't actually see any mention of that on the site) but if it does come over here then it could prove very useful to those surgically attached to their mobiles. FeedBeep takes an RSS feed and delivers items as SMS messages meaning you can get your hot news from New Links (like the Paris Hilton hack) before the links die.

This could be just what Bungers is looking for - a way to be notified New Links has been updated without hitting refresh in his browser every few minutes. Lazy fscker. ;)

via Waxy


bungers said...

pah... you have to pay per SMS you get delivered. Mobiles won't really become useful until they do a broadband style always on connection. I can't figure out if this SPV thing can be made to work like a blackberry yet, at the minute I have to 'dial up' to get my mail. Rubbish. Bah. Mutter. Grumble.

Anyways, are we reckoning on more snow today, or more snow tomorrow?

I'm off to the Moor tonight if this keeps up! NewLinks trip anyone..? :)

mmChronic said...

Pah - you wan't everything for nowt?

more snow today...

and more tomorrow hopefully.

Me and Lauren could be up for a NL trip to the moor. :)

ILuvNUFC said...

I've had my fill of sledging for now. I'm just managing to move freely today after sledging with Junior at the w/e. I only went for an hour but when I woke up on monday morning I could barely walk, my legs and back were acheing. I should have fully recovered by the next w/e if junior wants to go again, providing we still have snow that is.

Stuart Ressler, M.D. said...

Somehow I couldn't add this comment on the relevant post, but RE: the elitebar virus, all the more reason to not use IE. And even better, not Windows at all..

mmChronic said...

I never hit the next blog button anyway - 99% of them are written in SMS txt speak with horrible flashy graphics. But now that elitebar doobrie means there's a reason other than taste to avoid it.

As Stuart (Broken Brain neurosurgeon blogger) says YA reason for not using IE.

Though I wouldn't go as far as not using Windows - I like my games too much! ;)