Monday, February 14, 2005

First Homebrew Game for DS!

The first DS homebrew game has been released and it is, of course, Tetris. Yay!

In other DS news Nintendo are rumoured to be releasing software for the DS called V-Pocket to turn it from a dinky handheld console into a full fledged PDA.
"...the V-Pocket trademark concerns Nintendo?s licensing of the Palm OS based PDA software. Nintendo will soon unveil a complete suit of personal organiser tools for its Nintendo DS platform, expected to be shown before E3.

Browsing on my wireless LAN with a DS? It'll make surfing on the toilet even easier! ;)

In even more DS news a New Links member has finally managed to get his hands on one and a copy of Mario. Might we expect a review and pics soon? ;)

Do we need a DS icon? And would it be blown out of the water by a PSP icon?

via Waxy


ILuvNUFC said...

FF scores are out. Don't expect a review from mmChronic.

mmChronic said...

That bad? ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

Not that bad really. I just know you hav'nt been as keen lately to do write-ups since you've been doing crap. ;)

mmChronic said...

I'm not doing crap - I'm just not trying properly.

When you write 95% of the wordage on a site and also write it's world famous series of hacks it's not like there's spare time for frivolities like Fantasy Footy. Probably. ;)