Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Guess The Video Game

Here's a quiz that gives you forty video game screenshots and asks you to guess the game it comes from. What's extra nice is that it is quite generous on most of the answers i.e. if it's from a series you can just give the name of the series rather than the particular game.

There are 40 shots and I got 27 right - if you know what 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 11, 16, 18, 22, 23, 26, 29 & 38 are leave a comment. A couple of those look familiar but I can't remember the names - and 38 I'm almost positive what it is but it won't take my answer. Bah! ;)

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Merg said...

2 - Alone in the Dark
4 - Fallout
5 - Doom 3
6 - Fallout
11 - Day of the tentacle
22 - Sid Meier's Pirates
20 - The Last Ninja
38 - Dyna Blaster

Merg said...


Merg said...

PS 30/40 for me

Merg said...


18 - Sam and Max Hit The Road.

31 :)

Merg said...

Doh 2

23 - Starcraft

mmChronic said...

Nearly there :)

I was thinking Bomberman for 38.

Day of the Tentacle and Starcraft I recognised but couldn't put a name to.

I would never have recognised Pirates - it's a much blockier version than the one I played.

I can't believe I didn't get Sam and Max - though I still don't recognise/remember that screenshot.

Merg said...

Dyna Blaster is the Amiga version of Bomberman from Ubi-Soft. Why they chanted the name for the Amiga release, I've no idea, but it was an official license.

I think that's the C64 version of Pirates. I recognised the Sam and Max shot from the graphic style rather than from a specific game so tried a couple of Lucasarts games... I'm havin g both your troubles... games I recogise but can't place and a coupel I know the name but it won't accept my spelling or something.

I need 1, 4, 8, 9, 14, 16, 24, 26, 27.

Merg said...

aghr... and awful tie-ping and spee link.


must ... wake ... up ...

mmChronic said...

1 ?
4 ?
8 Half Life
9 Final Fantasy VII
14 Need For Speed 3
16 Another I recognise but don't know name of
24 Wing Commander 3
26 Don't know
27 Zak McCracken

So we're down to 1, 4, 16 and 26.

mmChronic said...

Re Bomberman - it's strange I remember the non Amiga name....

Merg said...

14/24 I couldn't place, Zak McCracken I knew but couldn't get to accept my spellings (even when copied from an online walkthru'!) ...

Didn't recognise HL, not played the FF games enough to recognise it (don't like 'em... heresy, I know).

4 looks an awful lot like Drahkken but it doesn't accept that name so I guess it ain't (unless it was renamed for a dif. territory).

Re: Dyna Blaster, turns out that's the European name and was first used on a GB release of the game, and Bomberman was the Japanese name (and it was apparently called "Atomic Punk" in the US, at least on the GB...) See here for info.

Merg said...

Even using your speelink it won't accept "Zak McCracken" ... feh.

I *KNOW* it's that game. GAH!

Merg said...

Doh 3. It just came to me...

#4 is the much-sold Diablo.

Sheesh, how didn't I get that sooner?

bryn said...

1 - Duke Nukem
16 - Rayman

Merg said...

Doh. Both games I've played (and disliked, which may be why I don't recall 'em... )

Ta Bhell.

The last remaining game looks like a VIC20 game I played briefly years ago but I can't remember the name of the damn thing :/

hypersloth said...

I stunk it up - only got 8, but got diablo, rayman, and FFVII immediately..

mmChronic said...

Zak McKracken is the spelling it took for erm... Zak McKracken. I misspelt in my comment above.

So one left and the combine gaming geekery of New Links can't get it... ;)

Merg said...

26. Wizard of Wor


mmChronic said...

No fscking way - I tried that!

Though I may have spelt it War.

Quiz complete! W00t!