Sunday, February 13, 2005

Get Firefox Floaty Banner Code Generator

I posted the Get Firefox Ribbon hack the other day and it has been very popular ever since especially on European sites - hello Italy, Sweden and Germany!

There have however been a few people who didn't like me 'stealing' from a charity or dissing people for using a less 'geeky' browser. That plus the original graphic was very ropey indeed.

I've written this little code generator to generate the banner code for you but this time it gives you the choice of the official Firefox banners, allows you to choose which of the four corners of the screen to display the image in and also lets you add your affiliate number for referral tracking. Because it uses the Firefox banners it should relieve Hypersloth of his bandwidth drain since he started hosting the original image for us.

So you now get a well designed Firefox Banner of your choice, in the corner of your choice, without screwing your page layout and it's only downloaded and displayed for IE users - no extra wait for any other browser at all. Result.

Top Left
Top Right
Bottom Left
Bottom Right

Choose Banner Graphic:

Affiliate ID:
To get an affiliate ID you need to sign up at the Spread Firefox site. You can leave this blank if you want. Feel free to use my affiliate ID. ;)
click me to generate banner code!

Source (paste just before the </body> tag on your page):

More New Links' Hacks? Check out our On This Day script and Icon/Tag Generator. And don't forget to check out the Make Poverty History site whose ribbon inspired this in the first place.


ILuvNUFC said...

There is always one miserable bugger who likes to moan about something or anything.
I think we need a "Blogger Hacks" box in the sidebar.

bungers said...

Nice postage. :)

mmChronic said...

If we had a hacks box I'd feel pressured to do the comment count write up. ;)

Incidentally there is a comment count how to in Blogger Hacks section now - but I know where it's going to break. Probably. ;)

I really should do that write up!

Merg said...

This blows. You're stealing from charity -- you know, solidarity with poor people who don't have computers. And it disses the idiots who have 18 trillion items of spyware loaded onto their computers. Just because they're idiots doesn't mean you should say so!

You suck!

ILuvNUFC said...

There's always two....

Flip said...

I'm loving the poverty banner thing...I actually wear one...does that make me hip and cool...or someone who gives a shiat..?

mmChronic said...

For real hip, coolness you need to accessorise with more colours. Bracelets are the new ribbon.

Andy said...

The only downside is that if you scroll the page the banner moves with the page UNTIL you hover over the banner at which point it hops back to the original page location (ie if you place it at the bottom and then scroll up, the button moves to the middle. You go to click on it and it moves out of the way back to the bottom of the screen - a bit annoying.