Tuesday, September 30, 2003

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I *AM* breathing out you cheeky fscker!I wanna fsck a dogWe're all going to die and they're never going to give me my licence!<FAP><FAP> erm... <FLAP><FLAP>Wizard or scarecrow? You decide!
Fancy a baseball cap made out this?I find your lack of faith in OSX disturbing.DROP THE SCYTHE, AND TURN AROUND SLOWLY.Ey oop, that were right smashin that were!Ingerlund
Now where was that tunnel entrance?Get orf moi land!They ever catch that gorilla that escaped from the zoo and punched you in the eye?Try to tackle me and I'll break your fscking legs!Fruit. YOU try and think of a pithy caption for fruit!
Acieeeeed!DuuuurrrrrrrGotta rim them all...Oh yeah... well... you fight like a cow!It appears dogs has unearthed an historical artifact
Modo, hic est vetusI come seeking... retribution.I need an 8x1 dot white bit.The batteries are strong in this one.We'll have no shouting here!
Here's Johnny!A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play. It won't help you find lost space probes though. Shame.Here's Mikey!ook!I pity the fool.
<SILENCE>...</SILENCE>One day son all this will be yours - King Shearer Ibut may not be particularly good either!I can see Uranus. Snigger.Private Pyle, you are a disgusting fat body!
P-P-P-P-P-Pick up a P-P-P-P-P-P-ingu!Yar!Here's Johnny, you fscking cnuts!Bite my shiny, metal ass!Kill the Haitians! Disclaimer: This is obviously meant to refer to Haitian criminals in a video game and not Haitians (of any profession legal or otherwise) in general. Thank you.
I'll grow into these ears soon like.Here comes the science bit...Exceedingly Excremental, Staggeringly Stoolish, Positively Pooey etc etcOMFG!One dwarf to drool on all, and in the darkness bugger them.
It may look dangerous...Watch my gay spidey moves...We are mental, we are madEeh hee! Yow!Let's go and sell some butter
Got any skins mate?Is this thing working?And still.... THEY CAME! DA Da DAH!!One million pounds in used notes pleaseI love it...
love those tiger f33+helmets at the ready!ribbit!ring icon to rule them allIE SuX0r
That' a normal function - just restart your machine and it'll all be fine.Fscking IKEA! I'll show them!Bore da!mmmmmmm Doughnuts!It's a Nanobot you muppet!
Daddy's working...Just fscking Google it!BURNINATE! BURNINATE!The world is just, a great big onion...!resolution...? What resolution!
I can't wait until this gets released in the UKbecause your ass is big and red!As if by magic the shopkeeper appeared.....and said 'oh no not you again!'it was <-------THIS-----> big!
See Spot. See Spot Spot Fish. See Spot Fish.paz, peace, pace? Wanna fight about it?I'll give you *BSD is dying, you fscker!Leaky toilets? Burst pipes? Murderous gorillas? No job too great or small.happy birthday to you!!
mmmm... beer...I'm coming home Newcastle.There's more than meets the eye. Apparently.Retro!It's a kind of magic
Can you see what it is yet?yaaaaar!!I ain't getting on no plane, or eatin' any of that FRIED chicken, fool!it's a fight!crispy lickin' good!
oi! fatty!sephiroth! sephiroth!On the headAll proceeds to your local terrorist group. Probably.Oh no it's Kenny fscking G!
yakshimash!ST? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!I'll be back!What time is it?So Bungers - what first attracted you to multi millionairess heiress Ms Hilton?
and if the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.The Bloggers Supermarket Of ChoiceMay the force be with youTry turning the volume down a bitI'm off to live in a cave
Not guilty, your honourI looked to the sky, Where an elephant's eye, Was looking at me, From a bubblegum tree.Roger Mellie - The man on the tellymonster monster monsterLook and Read!
Look at the state of the carpet! We are getting a plastic one next year!We'll have no Disney laywers around here thank you very much!Darth Maul Wannabe!What a big cock!Think you're clever, do you...?
Guess what's in my bulging sack?Number one super guyS-s-shop, Granville!Plainest icon - evar!Your money or your life!
U..G..L..Y.. You ain't got no alibi!Aye spy!See Seb Jumpda bo$$ would like to see you...The Guildford Bearded Lady
The speckled ones are bestWhat a pretty desktopWhy Don't You Go Outside And Do Something Less Boring Instead?What is it good for? Absolutely nothing...I find your lack of faith disturbing...
Hi - I'm RMS and you may remember me from such hacks as..Good moaning, ReneGood moaning, ReneWorld's Biggest TerruhistWTF do we want with a wooden horse? Go on off with you, you Greek rabble!
Land of the free, home of the DMCA, RIAA, MPAA, ETC.Please click on me - I'm a screensaver. Honest.Bushel bubbies indeed!<FAP><FAP> erm... <FLAP><FLAP>Now downloading on your local BitTorrent client.
Look into my eyes.. not around the eyes...It seems we did want Disney lawyers around here - eek!I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells.Not so Great these days...Who reads this crappy stuff anyway?
You're gonna get your fscking head kicked in...Pigs on the wingYummyCelebritiesDennis and Gnasher
Console heavenI love FlickrThe land of dirty schoolgirl knickers in vending machinesTuxIf you can't make it good, make it look good-Bill Gates
You don't take a photograph, you make it. -Ansel AdamsIf I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levelsMuch better than an infinite number of monkeys with typewriters.Gonna take pollution down to zeroskinnerIcon featuring Mrs Crabapple, from hit TV show, The Simpsons.An icon showing popular Neighbours character Susan Kennedy, ex-wife of Doctor Karl Kennedy, but they're back together now.An icon featuring a pile of books.A wasp.An ant doing some work. Yesterday. Probably.Sir Richard Branson. Yesterday. Probably.We love...Micahel Eavis, yesterday.The internationally recognised symbol for recycling.The logo for popular weblog, How Ethical!


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bungers said...

Have I broken it?

Ian said...

pls can you fix this? its really useful

bungers said...

No, because you're a skank.

mmChronic said...

So let me see - you want me to fix something that I didn't break on a blog I no longer post on - so that you can use the icons for commercial purposes?

I'll get right on that then - bwahahahaha.

Adi said...

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