Sunday, February 13, 2005

Instant Karma

I've been laid low with some foul disease this weekend so have only just had a chance to look at the b3ta newsletter but one link stood out straight away after watching Hypersloth's skydiving clip featuring someone skillfully avoiding injury whilst doing dangerous things.

This clip features someone clumsily causing himself an injury whilst doing something dangerous. The idiot in this clip was hanging out of the back of a car slapping cyclists' heads and opened the door to get a better slap in. The next bit looks very painful - especially when it's repeated several times. In slow motion.

There is also a bit of followup discussion with more background including the fact that he didn't die - but he is very lucky.

via b3ta newsletter 169


ILuvNUFC said...

Brill clip. I only seen it last night as my newsletter did'nt come until saturday. I thought the newsletter was back to it's good old best this week.

hypersloth said...

G'damn! I got the newsletter too, but had only read the first bit when my browser crashed (I blame windows update - I'm starting to wonder if they're fighting firefox; can't wait to ditch XP) and I forgot to read the rest of it..... anyway, ow, and wow. The little "interview" afterward seems sketchy, though...

mmChronic said...

I didn't think it was a particularly strong week this week.

The Rorschach one has been knocking around for a while, the Estonian adverts one was all over the place earlier this week. B3ta are usually really good at ferreting out stuff before other people.

Even the Scared of Santa one (which I think you posted?) was found after "finally got round to reading a pile of email sent to us over Christmas" which I took to be a euphemism for "We couldn't find much this week.".

They should read New Links ;)

Re the FF crashing - mine used to be unstable (it crashed all the time on gmail) but it's been fine for ages. Since the latest XP update I've had a few crashes. I don't think MS will be intentionally nobbling FF though as the screams would be very loud and they would almost definitely end up in court again.

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