Friday, October 29, 2004


New Links is one year old today! As you can see the style has changed from a fairly simplistic linkdump to the outpouring of linkage and drivel that is New Links today undergoing 3 or 4 redesigns on the way.

High points, for me anyway, were the New Links trips out (with follow up reports - we may yet see the long awaited Victoria Tunnel report which is only 181 days late at time of writing!), getting quoted very succinctly on the Wired Mac site about the UK iTunes pricing policy (with the ensuing mass debate) and getting the On This Day Hack into the Blogger Hacks section.

I think I'll post a Countdown Corner How To later to celebrate. I'd do it know but I'm off out to see Shark Tale soon.


Carencro said...

I say, HooT is better, then wOOp,
I say so because there is one I love SO, significantly OUtros,
anyway, H.
Cee, aman, aman, aman,;nt;cu;Gee

mmChronic said...

If it's HooTs you want then I'm sure B&Q (NSFW) will see you right.

ILuvNUFC said...

High points for me.....
Victoria tunnel trip, mass debates(bickering), the Byker cully report(best post ever), helmet jokes, plastic Geordies, cats in washing machines, spiders in Ace lager and the saga of the missing Victoria tunnel report.
The next NewLinks year promises a lot with our trips to see Blink 182 and Green Day already lined up.
Happy Birthday NewLinks. Heres to plenty more.

bungers said...

yay from me too, and congrats to mmChronic and Mrs. mmChronic too... althought I did say that yesterday when I saw him in person, but I haven't seen Mrs. mmC, so congrats all round!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Newlinks.
Thank you Bungers :)

(Future) Mrs mmchronic.

bryn said...

Happy Birthday New Links!