Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Stick it up your arse

It seems 'Stick it up your arse' is the new black! We've had a massive spike in traffic thanks to the quoting of that very phrase over at the Cult of Mac. Cheers for the hits. :)

I used the phrase in my whinge at the UK iTunes pricing. Since then we've had a couple of hundred hits on the post. We've even had a visit from somebody at Apple with no referring link which means the link is probably being passed around by email too. If that was you Mr Jobs drop the pricing please. A box of free 'test' iPods for the New Linkers wouldn't go amiss either.

To celebrate the most read post on New Links (evar!) and to restore English good humour after the events of the other night here's a little song of the same name.


Merg said...

Getting this article confused with the Rasputin one could result in unfortunate consequences.

Don't do it.

mmChronic said...

I think the difference between this and an iPod mini would soon become apparaent. Shite sound quality on the cock as well.

Merg said...

On the plus side, todger tunes don't cost 79p each -- but I believe it is a proprietary format.

mmChronic said...

I'll let you download me a few 99c knob tunes instead while you are over there.