Thursday, October 14, 2004

Adding On This Day To Blogger

...without crediting the author even though the terms of use explicitly say you have to tsk tsk tsk.

I've now relicenced the code under a Creative Commons Licence. This may at least shame the person who is using our code and has a CCL on their site to actually do the right thing and credit us.

I was playing about with the BlogPulse Trend tool last night and I entered WikiOnThisDay (the name of the routine that does the date magic) as a search term and it showed ever increasing use of the script. Yay!

After clicking on the search though many sites were listed - lots of whom haven't linked/credited us as required. Worst still many have chopped the How To link so there is no way for a reader on their page to find out how to get the code for themselves. That is called theft in my book. You wouldn't think a Christian blog or a blog that was emphasising the positive side of Pakistan would steal would you? But they do. Would you do business with a dishonest estate agent? And so on and so on like the scouser living the stereotype to the full. I was half expecting to see the script standing on four piles of bricks.

For a script that genuinely adds functionality to your blog for very little effort and is continually being improved a simple credit isn't too much too ask is it? If things don't improve I may have to do a permanent blog hall of shame in the sidebar! I do know that the chances of a tutorial on adding a New Comment Count to Blogger's comments ever appearing are now incredibly slim - why put stuff out just for people to steal?

Our ninja lawyers have been informed.

EDIT: Of the five blogs mentioned here one has now credited New Links and two have removed the script. One of these bloggers has been getting abusive email as a result of this post. Please stop doing it whoever it is. To prevent this happening in future the now compliant blogs have had their links removed from this post.


Stephen Newton said...

I see the estate agent's done the right thing now. Good call.

mmChronic said...

I can't see any sign of it? They have the How To link left in - but I'm not asking anyone to keep that one in.

It's probably only left in because they stole the code before I did the How To on removing the How To! ;)

There's been joking talk amongst the New Links lads about a Hall of Shame but after seeing the scale of it last night I had to write this post this morning.

admin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Janine said...

Ouch! Don't know what hurts more.. being labeled a "Christian site" or being busted on the oversited.

Will gladly give credit where credit is due. Do you have a piece of html that I can paste into the template or do you want to be added on the sidebar? I only ask b/c those are the two things I can safely do.

Ahh.. I snooped around and added you to my links sidebar. Hope this fixes things!


ILuvNUFC said...

Go mm.
Hall of shame is def needed, i say.
Sites can then remove themselves from this list by doing "the right thing"

mmChronic said...

Pak Positive: If I'd contacted every blog that used this code illicitly I'd have no time for posting on my own blog. And as you, and Bobby Brown might say, it is my prerogative! Don't feel you have to stop using the code - a mention is enough to satisfy the terms of use and my ego! ;)

Janine: Sorry if I've offended you with the Christian label - there were just one or two things I read on your blog that gave me that impression. Cheers for the link. :)

Well I think a Hall of Shame in the sidebar may well be the next move. Within an hour or two of posting this two of the five blogs mentioned have either removed the code or credited us. Result!

Flip said...

I once stole one of Bunger's thongs and never gave him I'll do it now...thanks for the thong man :)

BTW...I would be happy to have the Flophouse labelled a Christian blog...

I've got a chest infection...lost me voice so if I'm spamming...blame the pills...hehe..

Great blog you have here btw...

What code are we on about...?

mmChronic said...

Bugger me - I thought you'd died of alcholic poisoning or summat! Still if the booze doen't fo it the pills might. ;)

And I hope that's one of Bungers' thong pics you are on about rather than one of Bungers' thongs or you may find you've got yourself a nasty little rash. Probably.

Which code? Only the bestest On This Day code for Blogger. In the world. Probably.

Dogs said...

Intellectual property theft!!
Whatever next? Piracy????

Yahhaaarrrrrrr me hearties.

mmChronic said...


Daniel said...


Flip said...

Hehe..not dead just dying...bugs hit old folk like me hard this time of the year...two days before I was due me flu jab as well!

If I'd have been fit and well I would have made the long trip to the barren tundra that is t'north and joined you in the quaint cobbled streets housed local public house tonight...

'Fraid these days I can barely manage 2 half shandies without turning into my alter ego Derek Acorah...I even carry a travel sized tube of hair gel and pair of shiney balls should the need overcome me...

Have a great night chaps..think of me huddled in my shawl sipping a dandelion and burdock :)

Flip said... doc was worried where I'd got the RASH :)

mmChronic said...

WTF? Derek is you? So what does the future hold for me?

You're not far off with the cobbles - the pub we are going to is in an area that hasn't suffered too badly from the redevelopment which is ripping up large chunks of the quayside.

And if the Brum winter laid you out like this I'd never visit Newcastle! ;)

Anonymous said...

ey, sorry for the mess up, i've removed the new links in my blog. most certainly sorry for not taking note of it earlier. Cheers! (one of the links in the top)

Anonymous said...

sorry again