Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Morning All

b3ta's question of the week is What is the strangest job you've ever had?. Absolutely brilliant. Answers include...
#1 Monkey Fishing
"I had to deal with several large skips full
of assorted monkey body parts, scavenged from
various zoos over the years, preserved lovingly
like a fetid monkey soup with chunks. Enter me,
with shoulder-length rubber gloves, and, a
gasmask sorry "industrial respirator". We had
to go in pairs, in case someone fell in and
drowned. What's this in the bucket? Oh look.
It's a dismembered chimpanzee. That or we'd
found Jeff Dahmer's secret stash."

#2 Collecting Poo
"We were testing a drug's efficacy on worms
only readily obtained from cats. You can't put
a nappy on a cat (and I would love to see
someone try) and the need for fresh wormy 5h!+
meant extracting a cat from its luxurious living
quarters, putting it in a plastic dustbin, then
turning a hose on it, to "persuade" it to dump.
This is horrible for the cat, and not fun for me,
as I got thoroughly scratched and bitten. But
the best bit was the resulting miasma of cat
intestinal bacteria measurable in the air several
corridors away which stank like only hot cat
5h!+ can do."

Spazz wheelchair. Honestly, that is what it is called. I wonder if Bungholio's mate sells these.

BaaBaa Imperial Sheep. Flash goodness where Star Wars meets BaaBaa Black sheep. Class.

Krankies Sing Bowie.

Dream Moods. A-Z dream dictionary.

Star Wars fans build a life-size Millennium Falcon in their backyard. Check out the video.

Worlds Ugliest Toes.

10 Things that you should never buy used and 10 things you shouldn?t buy new.

Why do people give up blogs?.

The Internet Public Library.

Horse Pants.

Get ahead without hunting, sorry, get an animal head.

Free music... all you pay is the postage. stealmymusic.com. It all looks crap to me.

Docupen. The worlds smallest scanner.

Proof of Saddam's WMD's. Funny pictures.

Dog with the longest ears in the world.

86 Rules of boozing.

Google logo in Lego.

300+ Google logos.

Time-lapse animations. Really cool.

Thanks to milkandcookies, coolios, growabrain, Presurfer, weirdlinks and Ultimateinsult.


mmChronic said...

I saw that Krankies clip on the telly the other week - cracking!

As for why people give up blogging maybe we should do a survey of New Links members. ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

Hmmmm! Good idea.
Can you mail me the icon template thingy?

bungers said...

mega post! Nice work ILN!