Thursday, October 14, 2004

Behind The Hits: The Stories

This is an interesting site - Behind The Hits: The Stories tells the story of how various records came into being. The selection covered is fairly limited but it is a good read especially if you are into 60's soul. It also has bits about Elvis, Byrds, Eric Clapton and various surfer dudes.

Edit: Grr. I've had this post in draft all day, published it late this afternoon and just realised I've posted it to first thing this morning so it's right down the page. Bloody stupid default time values for a draft post if you ask me. Bumping it up.

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Flip said...

Hey nice link :)

In the Midnight Hour...why that takes me back to the feed spuelled days of the late seventies and pulling saturday sickies at coop butchers to skuttle up the M6 to Wigan Casino...dancing the night away...catching the milk train to crewe...all change for Rhyl or Derby baths for the all dayer...sleeping on the train station before hitting Manchester Ritz or Birmingham Locarno - or wherever there was another all dayer :)

Heady crazy days of Northern I feel a blog post coming on...

Keep the Faith !


mmChronic said...

The Northern Soul scene was before my time - but I love the music. You can keep the clothes mind! ;)