Friday, October 08, 2004

Cool map

Multimap, an already very handy street map site, has had a major feature upgrade. The search now brings up a satellite view (instead of a map) of the area but when you mouse over it you get a transparent street map overlaid so you can easily put a name to landmark features. Check it out by looking at the centre of the known universe here.

Actually it's a little offset from the centre as they seem to have slightly knackered the postcode search. This used to work perfectly ie you entered a postcode and the map centred on it - now it's off by about half a mile. According to Multimap I now live in Gateshead. Hopefully they'll sort that out soon - I'll never live down the shame.

EDIT: I forgot to mention - clicky to zoom.
via boingboing (who featured a link to a map of some village called London)


Stephen Newton said...

Actually quite an old feature. A prezy for you:
Link to Multimap using this URL:

Note the cat=weblogs. Within a couple of days of somebody clicking the link, Multimap will add New Links to its database of Weblogs.

mmChronic said...

I think it's quite new - or at least the inclusion of it as the main item returned for a given postcode. I know they've been doing satellite pics for donkeys - but this is the 1st time I've seen it mixed like this.

I used Multimap the night before last to find a postcode location and got the normal map view. Tried it today from the front page and got the aerial + transparent map view.

There's even a link on the front page saying 'do it the old way' or similar. Click that and the site works just like it did a couple of days ago.

I'll try that weblog link thingy - cheers Stephen.