Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Risks Of Body Mutilation

Are you considering a little self mutilation like tattoos, body piercing or trepanning? If so you should check out the risks at the Body Modification Ezine's risk database. Each mutilation type is accompanied by a picture - most of those will be enough to put you off your desired mutilation never mind any risks.

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Documentary Examines Benefits Of Drilling A Hole In One's Head

It would seem common sense that drilling a hole in one's head would not be recommended for one's health and well being. Really? What if you were told that Bill Clinton's mentor at Oxford University, Lord James Neidpath, drilled a hole in his head? Or that the procedure is as old as the ancient Egyptians and Incas that practiced it? Or that those who have undergone the surgery report added energy, increased brain power, and even induce a permanent feeling of high?

It is the strange phenomena of trepanation, the procedure of drilling a small hole through one's skull, that is examined by an hour-long documentary released by alternative/rock musician Cevin Soling. 'A Hole In the Head' examines the development of "modern" trepanation as used by people in the United Kingdom, the United States, and The Netherlands for the purpose of attaining a higher level of consciousness.

"It was the fact that trepanation might have beneficial effects to enhance one's state of mind that intrigued me," said Producer Cevin Soling. "Amazingly, no one had done a proper study to find out the veracity of the claims, so I decided to make the film to find an answer."

Originally broadcast on the Discovery and Learning Channels, now available on DVD, the film won the Best Documentary Award at both the Atlantic City and Brooklyn International Film Festivals.

The DVD can purchased online at