Friday, October 29, 2004

Yay! Happy Birthday Us!

Sorry about the lack of tunnel reporting, I was going to surprise you all with a birthday report, but I was too busy smoking the soapbar at the roller disco last night to finish it. Who knows, maybe I'll finish it for our second birthday... ;)

I bring you Eminem's video Mosh which has trickled out on to tinterweb in the last few days, but now it's on msn, so you can watch it.
Coming from Eminem's forthcoming album 'Encore' is his most potent anti-Bush statement yet - 'Mosh'. Eminem, one of the world's most high-profile rap superstars, makes his anger clear.

The video features live action and animation and in an animated part of the video, the rapper is seen mocking some of Bush?s biggest gaffes ? including reading a book upside down. The stark and dark video ends with a message urging the American people to vote - watch it exclusively here.
I'm off for the weekend, so I'll see y'all monday. Have a nice weekend. :)

p.s. And if anyone fancies a flash mob style pub quiz next week to celebrate our birthday, then I'll organise it for Tuesday. I think it's the Chilly Arms.. I'll check monday and let you know. Pencil it in your diaries. TTFN!

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