Saturday, October 16, 2004

Morning All!

Here's a foggy morning in Newcastle picture that I took yesterday. There's a couple more in the dump, but no photos of last night's "Night Ooooot" because it seems like there is actually a highly localised "disturbance" that eminates from ILN that causes all cameras to be funked up. Dammit!


OMIH said...

Beautiful just beautiful.

And the fog's all mine (all mine)

mmChronic said...

I thought you'd been eaten by those giant wood boring insects or something.

You should have a ferret around the pic dump. There's a quite a few more Tyne pics on there.

I was going to link to a specific one that had a view down the Tyne over the marina with a rainbow hitting the river but I can't find it. Maybe Bungers didn't post that one. I'll ask him.