Monday, October 25, 2004

Hello all

- You too could have eyes like Bowie with
- One for Tim...Very cool 3 wheel in-line motercycle.
- Ouch. If someone sees the video of this please send in the link.
- One for Bungers...Paris Hilton wrecks another home.
- One for Merg...davesweboflies. I read it on the internet so it must be true, I think.
- U2's Bono has finally found what he's been looking for.
- Funny video. Cat tossing in zero gravity.
- And another for Bungers...Men needed.
- Photos from The Gulf War.
- How to fix lots of problems with XP.

Thanks to growabrain and presurfer

1 comment:

mmChronic said...

I was going to stick the cat tossing one up for you as I thought you'd like it.

I'll have to stick the b3ta cat tape one up instead. ;)