Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Byker Morrisons - the blogger's supermarket of choice.

That Morrisons link reminded me of something I've been meaning to do for ages. I saw a comment on a blog ages ago about going to Morrisons in Byker and the fact it was hardly a place to meet other Bloggers. Well they were wrong - there are four posters on this site frequent the place and it has been mentioned on many other blogs.

So here is a list of bloggers that go to Byker Morrisons which I'll try and update as I see other mentions.
New Links
We mention it quite often so I'll not link it - but four (ILN, Bungers, Dogs & me) of the six New Linkers shop there.
Look At This
I'm sure ILN will have mentioned it on his blog - and as above he definitely shops there.
Glue Boot
This is the post where they said "I doubt I would ever find any bloggers at Morrisons in Byker".
Deadcase Ramblings
Mentioned Morrisons last year.
Space Hardware
BykerSink shopped at Morrisons before he moved to Vietnam
There were at least a couple more but I can't find them at the minute. There were a couple that used to be in BykerSinks local link list - but he's changed his template and all the linkage has disappeared. Have you still got a copy of the old linkage BS?

Blogmeet at Byker Morrisons' cafe anyone? It's geet trendy as fsck man.


bungers said...

FlashMob!!! Woo!

I'm in... lets meet in Mo'reasons b4 we go to the Tyne on Friday!

Hardcore.... ;)

glueboot said...

How I love Morrisons.... that towering pillar of consumerism. I used to live right beside the carpark. But unfortunately I don't live in Newcastle anymore (much to my dismay really... there's no better place to live than N'Castle) so I can't convene at this meeting of bloggers. You should take photos of bloggers buying stuff though.... I wonder what a blogger would buy.

ILuvNUFC said...

Crisps....and things. and biscuits. MMMMMMMM biscuits.
I'm off to my cupboard.

mmChronic said...

Lisa buys food things when we go but my simple requirements are Xbox magazines. And Rizla multipacks. And CD-Rs.