Tuesday, October 26, 2004


- Mummy Wrappings. A collection of Ancient Egyptian miscellania.
- Kings Of Conveniance flash jukebox.
- Joan's Mad Monarch Series.
- One for bungholio(wherever he's gone)..21 Ways to hook up with a model.
- Virtual Prison Tours.
- It's Christina Waguilera! Snigger.
- Things That Make You Go Wow. Or more precise, pictures that make you go wow. My favourite link today.

Thanks to awelshview.

Short and sweet today. Posts will return to the usual massive size once i'm better and i feel like surfing a bit more. Later chaps.


bungers said...


I'm still here... I'm a man of leisure now that I've retired!

Did try to order my broadband last night, but Tesco said I had to have XP. I have XP. Grrr....

And the guide to going out with a model? I wrote that you know. ;)

Thanks for the link. :)


Dogs said...

Greetings NewLinkers.

This service is extreeeeemely slow.
I was going to ask if Newlinkers wanted to do the pub quiz in the Bluebell last night - I thought my post had worked but obviously not!!! Anyway, plenty more pub quizzes. Get it organized Bungmaster.

ILN: Judging by your fantasy footy boasting you must be doing really well. In fact you must be winning.
Hang on a minute.
I'm still in the lead.

Today's thong is totally disgusting :)