Monday, October 11, 2004


Morning All. Sad news today Superman has died.

Create your own Sonic.

Peanuts: A Comic Book History and a Peanuts:Cover Gallery.

The evolution of Mario.

The Simpsons Mr Sparkle commercial.

Todays eBay item. Genuine Irish Ghost In a Bottle.

These guys have got balls
In late October, 2000, Tu Chin-sheng and his genital-based form of qigong known asyin diao gong made international headlines after three of the qigong master's students hauled a flatbed truck weighing 25 tonnes 1m across a Taipei car park using nothing but their p3n1535.

What homeless people keep in their bag.

What exactly are your chances of dying of something. US statistics but still interesting.

Rumours about the new iPod.

DIY Star Wars props.

Thanks to weirdlinks, incomingsignals and ultimateinsult.


mmChronic said...

Props on teh Stra Wars erm.. props. Link of the month.

The bairn doesn't know it yet but I reckon she should be dressed up as a Jawa for Hallowe'en! ;)

mmChronic said...

StraWars - featuring all new farm based Jedi action.

ILuvNUFC said...

Tis a good one. Only found it this morning while eating my cornflakes. Most of the rest were found over the w/e.