Monday, March 21, 2005


ILuvNUFC emailed me last week about MyBlogLog which has a neat little service so you can find out what external links people are clicking on that is installed by putting one line of code in your template. You can see from normal stats which internal links people are clicking on but there's no of knowing which of the links we post get clicked on - well apart when we get the owner of the linked site doing some whining. It's a bit crap relying on pissing someone off to find out if a link is popular so MyBlogLog is very handy indeed.

For the first week you get a free trial of the Pro version then you drop down to the free version at the end of the week. The only difference I can see is the free one limits displaying the Top 10 clicks out for a given day whereas the Pro version allows you to see all links. You can even report on a given range of dates and it'll total up the clicked links in that range - again limiting you to top 10 only on the Free version.

So what were our most popular links this week? These:

 1 (487) Happy Slap videos
 2 (337) Video for Amarillo btw - all those looking for 'free mp3 downloads' of this should be deeply ashamed of themselves. It's for fscking charidee - go and buy it you tight cnut.
 3 (137) Dance White Boy Dance
 4 (104) Teenage Porno Ninja Turtles
 5 (78) esure (working link)
 6 (70) The Commonly Confused Words Test
 7 (44) Calm Down Dear remix (original link now not working. See whinge)
 8 (41) Comments on Happy Slapping
 9 (38) 13 things that do not make sense
10 (37) iNO

Key: Position (number of clicks) Link to relevant post.

Two of our Technorati tags (Film and Ninja) appeared in the top 10 but I haven't included them due to fact they have been on multiple posts and this score will be the total clicks from all of them. We are now on the Free version so I won't be able to do that in future if I do this again the top ten will be the top ten reported.

So of the top ten links 9 are mine and 1 (number 2) is for Bungers. I'm afraid the rest of the lads will have to improve their linkage quality. ;)

That's now 3 posts (1, 2) about blogging in a row - quick Flip we need some boobies! ;)


Flip said...

Boobies...Flip likes boobies...

trying to post somehow blogger is borked for me and new links :(

Anonymous said...

yay for bungers and his marvellous posts!!

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