Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Random Bits

Horseballs! (sfw, quicktime)

Phosphor Alpha 4 - truly sweet shockwave first person shooter. Long load, but that's because it's got great graphics and AI. Also, check out the console commands (hit ~). There is a god mode (type "god") or you can toggle the gravity, etc.

Sick and Famous - funny little game.

The Dr. Demento show archive, currently 95.3% complete.

How to find MP3's with Google. (Geocities site, hit it while you can.. I just copied the page.)

E-Z Catch Harvester. It's like the quicker chicken picker-upper. There's a video on the site, but it's not exactly PETA, so don't click if the term "chicken harvesting" unsettles you.

More unsettling food... Steve, Don't Eat It! So far, Steve has taste-tested, and given descriptive analysis of the following:
potted meat, pickled pork rinds, Beggin' Strips, very old cereal, breast milk, and fermented soybeans.

Not sure where what came from, but pretty sure it was here, here, here, and here.


Flip said...

Has that Steve dude tried my soon to be ex wifes's cooking - doubt it he's still alive...hehe..

Plus he must have t'northern roots - they are so poor up there they have to rely on anything they can find on the tip muhahahahaaaaaaaaaa..er...hic...

Great post man :)

mmChronic said...

Yeah because the North East is much poorer than that there Inner London where the might Spurs come from. At least we've got room to move on our tip! ;)

ILN has ordered a specially modified EZ Catch. His gathers cats and instead of putting them in cages it just smashes their faces in with a shovel then throws them away.

mmChronic said...

The shockwave FPS is very impressive.