Monday, March 14, 2005

Chauffeur-Driven Tramps

Tramps in Holland are being chauffeur driven to their favourite begging spots because of a shortage of shelters, reports news website ananova. The vagrants, from a Dutch town called Sneek, are picked up each evening by a taxi paid for by the local authorities. The taxi takes them to nearby Leeuwarden, where they are given beds for the night at a shelter. They are then chauffeur driven back at 9am the next morning at a cost of £76 a day. According to authorities in Sneek, it's not worth building a shelter of their own because there are not enough vagrants to fill it. Leeuwarden officials, the website reports, say they are not bothered by the daily trip to their town "as long as they go back to Sneek in the morning", said a spokesman.

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mmChronic said...

Republishing shite from the Metro again? I'm presuming that's why we have a story with no linkage. ;)