Tuesday, March 08, 2005

NewLinks' Fantasy Football League

The NewLinks' Fantasy Football League has been updated again. Bungers is off top spot but has only dropped to second place with Dogs taking the lead. All I can say is I'm glad I got a gloat in last week as there's not much chance of one at the bottom!

1 Dogs 27
2 Bungers 25
3 Merg 24
4 Flip 23
5 ILuvNUFC 13
6 mmChronic 12

In other footballing news - the toon won again this time beating Liverpool! Looks like the trip to Dubai was worth it after all! Match reports at nufc.com and BAWARAO.

When are we supposed to start hating Flip him being a Spurs supporter and all? ;)

In 'almost related to football news' Sunderland retain their title as Shittest Premier Team Evar!™ for at least another season as West Brom have managed to overhaul Sunderland's pitiful total of 19 (a few seasons ago now) at the weekend - and they still have ten games to improve on that. That's right - Sunderland are officially shitter than a Baggies team managed by Bryan Robson. LALAS!!!!

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