Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Two button mouse - on an Apple?

Apparently this classic comeback is to be made redundant by Apple.

Apple are reported to be creating a... Shock! Horror! 2 buttoned mouse. Welcome to the 20th century guys! ;)

So I wonder if ardent Apple afficionados will do a "from these cold, dead hands" with their one buttoned mouse as I have seen many arguments over mouse buttons online - and the consensus from the Apple community seemed to be that you couldn't ever possibly usefully use a second button. I seem to use all five of the buttons on my mouse with regularity.

via Waxy


Dogs said...

I predict a Gillete razor style advertising campaign. Now with two buttons for that extra close....

Swiflty followed by their Mach 3 model with scroll wheel.

mmChronic said...


I'm waiting for the battery enabled version that makes your hair stand on end apparently.

Did anyone ever post the marketing spiel for the 5 blade razor? If not I'll try and dig it out.

mmChronic said...

Bah it's premium content on The Onion.

Yay for Google's cache! :)

Daniel said...

now wait just one fscking second. every single mac addict i know, including me, has been dreaming of a two button mouse from apple since 1984! All of use use multi-button mice. its only the "steve" that has refused to give in.

PS: Sorry I have not been posting much, I have been ungodly busy.

mmChronic said...

I've read plenty on the web with mac heads pontificating about why one button is elegant simplicity and two is wasteful. If you really, really want me too I'll try and dig some up.

As for lack of posting - Bungers has been punished. Don't worry about it. ;)

Right that's woken Dan up. I'm off to write an anti DS, pro PSP piece which will have Merg quivering with apoplectic rage.