Friday, March 04, 2005

Video Game BAFTAs!

Halo 2 got the BAFTA for Best Xbox game - surprise surprise. They are wrong though - Burnout 3 is a much better game than Halo 2 though Halo is still a very good game. Burnout 3 won best PS2 game, best racing game and best technical direction. Of course if you get the Xbox version you get smoother graphics, Live link up and customisable soundtracks too.

Half Life won 6 (count 'em!) awards (including best game all platforms, best PC game and best online game), best GC game was Prince of Persia and best sports game was PES4. Best handheld game was Colin McRae's Rally 2004 - and they were wrong again! On the GBA alone there were Mario and Luigi's Superstar Saga, Advance Wars 2, Zelda/Minish Cap and Mario Golf. If CMR on ANY of the handhelds available last year is better than any of those then Bunger's will eat his hat. Probably.

Last but definitely least has to be GTA:SA - not a single award mentioned in the BBC coverage. I'll still buy it in June though. :)

Hopefully a full list will appear on the BAFTA site soon. Pah who needs Oscars? ;)

EDIT Full list of nominees and winners here.


Merg said...

The Colin McRae is for the NGage version, I believe -- political...

mmChronic said...

It had to be I guess - the NGage and it's software have been roundly slated everywhere which makes it more unbelievable that an NGage title should beat the GBA ones mentioned.

If you are looking for GBA software for your DS I can highly recommend all the ones above.