Monday, March 07, 2005


Song Meanings at Songfacts. (via)
Songfacts is a searchable database of song information compiled by radio professionals, music enthusiasts, and visitors to this web site. We hope using this site will help you better understand and enjoy the songs you listen to, and invite you to share your knowledge with us so that others may benefit. We provide the album, year the song was released, highest US and UK chart position, and "Songfacts" about each song. The "Songfacts" are interesting tidbits like what the song is about, who wrote it, and what makes it different. Songfacts is free.

World Domination Toys. I want one of these. Should sort out the problems I have with the cats peeing all over my garden. (via)

Bryan and Cherry Alexander, Arctic and Antarctic Photography. Some of the most beautiful photography that I've ever seen. (via)

The Art of Cold Reading. (via)

A-Team Movie. (via)

The world's Oldest woman. 125 years old. (via)

McGuyver?s iPod Holster. (via)

Amusing Shop Names in the U.K. (via)


mmChronic said...

Songfacts could be a lot of fun. The 'facts' are reader submitted with what looks like no verification - so it looks like you can say any old cack about a song and it gets accepted as a 'fact'.

I'm off to 'interpret' some song lyrics. ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

I noticed lots of different interpretations going on the Songfacts site.
Someone should add "fsck a dog"

mmChronic said...

That's a song about Mexican pirates filling their ships with chihuahuas as you get more of them per cubic feet than you do women. Probably.

Anonymous said...

Another site for song meanings...

mmChronic said...

I meant to reply to this comment last night but Blogger wouldn't let me.

SongMeanings does have an entry for "Fsck a dog". Apparently it means:

Blink are shit.
No they're not.
Yes they are.
I know everything about Blink - mail your questions.
Why are Blink shit?
No they're not.
Yes they are.

Repeat to fade...