Tuesday, March 08, 2005

When Monkeys Attack

Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape.

A California couple were attacked by a pair of chimps when they were visiting a chimp that had been taken off them (for biting part of a woman's finger off) and placed in an animal sanctuary. Whilst they were giving some cake to their chimp, two other chimps attacked the couple.

The injuries to the man included the removal of his nose, foot and testicles.

I have now cancelled my mail order monkey.

via boingboing


mmChronic said...

I know this is very late but it's been queued since yesterday due to Blogger being crap.

It seems to be working today so all the other New Links posters - feel free to um.. post. It's the big orange Publish button just in case you had forgotten.

Dogs said...

Bollocks. No ordinary chimp can take off yer nads.

What the article fails to tell you is that these chimps have probably studied medicine to at least degree standard - most likely a PHD in testicular surgery.

mmChronic said...

We have talked about visiting Monkey World (as featured in Monkey Business) this year. I propose we also take you and test your theory. ;)

Talking of Monkey World - they have a huge population of chimps and orangs there but I don't see boingboing having a go at them! Bah.