Friday, March 18, 2005

Another iPod Knockoff

And unlike the other day's iNO this one is an actual mp3 player. This Chinese iPod Mini 'tribute' has a 4Gb drive, 12 hour battery life, FM radio, line in mp3 encoding (neat idea allowing you to fill the disk without going near a computer by encoding music direct from stereos, CD Walkman etc) and, due to it supporting various formats (MP3, WMA, DRM WMA and ADPCM), you don't have to be reamed by Jobs to own one.

No mention of price but I bet it comes in quite a few quid cheaper than Apple's offering.

via Waxy

PS. I first attempted to post this at 8:17ish am this morning. Blogger want to get their act sorted out or they are going to lose their market share - I've seen many good blogs move from Blogger to Anything But Blogger over the last year due to it's shite record on publishing. If that carries on they'll be left with only txt spk blogs - and it will serve them right. I've already chosen a blogging engine (and it's not any of the other usual suspects) for New Links 2. This weekend I'll be looking at hosting plans I reckon. It will of course mean ads to help pay for costs as there's no way we're paying owt!


bungers said...

try posting a comment and see how long that takes too!


mmChronic said...

About 2 hours it seems.


Anonymous said...

... and 9 times out of 10 when I try, I never even get the fscking comments form - that's why you've not heard from me much lately.