Thursday, March 03, 2005

Snow Day! Woo!

Not really enough to justify taking the day off to blog all day though, isit?


mmChronic said...

Once you've taken into account the 13 foot snow drifts and the chaotic conditions in the city centre into account you know you'd be adding to the problem by travelling.

Stay in and do the Victoria Tunnel report. Talking of which I've got some more background stuff (on paper) for you - just in case you ever do it like. ;)

bungers said...

Ah... true, but I'd probs play Animal Crossing all day instead!

I'll have the extra stuff on the VT. Pick it up when I drop off the big box o' presents!

Tell mmC Jnr. that the furniture trading can start soon! I got one of Tom Nook's special delivery codes from the Animal Crossing Website last night, I'll send u the screen grab next time I see you on hello.

mmChronic said...

She's too busy playing Sims 2. I told her you'd bought it so could start trading. She went 'mmm' and returned to the Sims. She probably doesn't expect you to work hard enough to amass things for trading. :)

I'll sell you a GBA Classic™ for 20 quid so you can go to Animal Island if you want?

What's with all the southern gayers in crisis with the snow? Army called out? The footage on the TV showed it was no worse than what we've had yet all of a sudden the economy is about to collapse.

I suggest we launch a preemptive strike with snow making machines just before we launch the battle to retake Northumbria. They'll be helpless.

bungers said...

Thanks, but no thanks, I have a GBA! I don't have the link cable though, so I might borrow yours. Seems a bit daft though, don't you have to stay connected to the GC? You can't download content onto the GBA and play AC on the bus, can you?

You could do that with that little Dreamcast memory card thing..

You're right though, a wee bit of snow and the country grinds to a halt. Rubbish.

mmChronic said...

You do? I've never seen you play on it!

I'm not sure where our^H^H^HLaurens's GC/GBA cable is - last time that got used was for Wind Waker. Try the pound shops on Shields Road though - we got loads of DC / GBA cables from there very cheap.

Dreamcast keyboard? That'll be a pound sir.

OMIH said...

Whoo hoo the basin.

Wish it would snow here.

mmChronic said...

I wish it would snow here too.

Bloody rained last night and it's gone - no w/e sledging. :(