Saturday, March 26, 2005

Last Post On New Links

You may have noticed New Links has been a bit quiet over the last few days and that's because we've upped and moved sticks to a new site. We'll still be bringing you the same sort of drivel as before but on a much better site. The site is still nowhere near complete yet as I'm adding features daily but it is usable (more so than this one) and definitely readable.

We've moved because Blogger has become unusable for long periods of time with frequent timeouts and publishing errors. I'm not knocking Blogger too much mind - we've been running for almost 1.5 years on Blogger and for the most part it's been fine (check out the archives for 'vintage' New Links posts - there are thousands) but recently it has been excruciatingly slow to use. Blogger have added plenty of new features but a lot of the features are cosmetic (like prettier comment entry with avatars - bizarrely those avatars don't get shown on the post pages alongside the comments. They must just be used to give you something to look at while you take 32 minutes to publish your snappy comeback) they need to be addressing their backend problems. Everyone is doing free blogging services now - they have to be free and good to survive.

When you publish as frequently we do (we've managed 20/30 posts in a day plenty of times) it becomes a PITA when you have a load of posts ready and find yourself taking hours to publish due to the errors. So we've moved to cheap hosting and I've been hacking way to install Drupal which is a platform that lets you do a lot more than just posting links. It's slowly coming together but we've taken the decision to move all posting to the new site - it's so much nicer being able to publish in seconds.

So if you link to this site please update your bookmarks/blogroll - as I said before we are still posting the same kind of stuff but we have added a lot features to make the site more customisable for you. It's New Links++! I'll be adding sites to our blogroll (which I've just installed ten minutes ago) over the next few days - if I've missed you off let me know on the site.

New Links est mort, vive New Links. Yay!


hypersloth said...

Best wishes!!

At the risk of pulling a Bill Gates here,(nobody needs more than 64k..) I think Blogger might just be having some trouble right now. Maybe we've had our heyday, and it will never be as good and as unlimited/free again, but the link-on-the-fly feature is still nice. I'm also jumping ship, but I'm gonna keep a dinghy afloat just in case.

See ya on teh, yo.


jokes said...

for ages I have been visiting this site to read, now you are moving to another domain. I like the look and feel of this site. Will you be keeping it?

mmChronic said...

We'll still post the same old rubbish at the new site and I'm working on a template for it that looks like this one.

It's easier to comment on the new one too - I've been trying to post this since last night!