Thursday, March 17, 2005

Let's Talk

Probably the most comprehensive list of Acronyms / Shorthand for E-mail that I've ever seen.

Victorian Slang Glossary. (via)

Two-month-old baby speaks.

Script / Leet Translator. Impress your kids by pretending you can speak £337.

A History of Communications 35,000 BC - 1998 AD. (via)

We love the Toon. Well most of us anyway


ILuvNUFC said...

Gordon Bloody Bennett!
It took over an hour to publish on NewLinks today then 3 copies showed up. Just like buses. Or something.

Everything seems fine now with Blogger. For about 10 minutes no doubt. :)

mmChronic said...

IT's been taking ages to comment too - though this attempt got in fairly quickly.

Quick Bungers - post something while you've got the chance! ;)

Sherry said...

I know what you mean about Blogger not working. It took me the last half hour to leave this pointless comment, and I'm just doing it because I'm stubborn.

I wonder if Blogger problems are the reason Flip has been uncharacteristically silent the last couple of days.

mmChronic said...

Now you come to mention it he has been quiet - no email for a couple of days from him either.

He's probably setting up YA site in his burgeoning pr0n empire.

mmChronic said...

Chav is in the Victorian Underworld Slang listing! Almost.

They have chavy defined as child. Now I've heard 'chavvied up' used to mean pregnant - usually for the 7th time before the age of 13. This is usually accompanied by requests for a "Burberry buggy and a Greggs' pasty voucher" so have we found the etymological root of chav/charver?

ILuvNUFC said...

That's never mm moaning about the comments again is it? ;)

Re Bungers. That's just his excuse.

Re Flip. He's probably still nursing his wounds while we(NUFC) stroll on in another cup. :)

To mm. Seems like we/you have. YAY!