Thursday, March 03, 2005

Morning All

U.S. man charged with having relations with Cows.

The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers. (via)

Paint By Numbers. You too can produce your own masterpiece.

Mighty Mite
Micromachines. Bugs on devices. (via)
World's Smallest Mite-Go-Round: Two dust mites taking a spin atop an optical shutter running at low speed. The mites' limbs are flailing due to the slickness of the silicon wafer.

Morphing Embryos. Video clips of Humans, Pigs, Chicken and Fish embryos morphing. (via)

National Lampoon's Gallery of Children's Literature. (via)

Pinball Smash Up. Very fast game. Quite good though.


mmChronic said...

They were calves too - so not only is he a beastmaster he is a paedophile beastmaster.

Hasn't some bloke in Britain been recently charged again with doing goats?

ILuvNUFC said...

It reminds me of a program I seen on TV some time last year about Horse love and other such animals in the USA.
Dirty fsckers.

Re goats. Who told you? ;)

mmChronic said...

They only keep you anonymous when you are a youth. When you get to your age they have no problem publishing the full details in the Chronicle. :)