Wednesday, March 16, 2005


If you fancy some free, online, turn based strategy action try Conqueror!. It's played across a medieval map of Europe and up to 16 (human or computer) players can play at once. Even though it's turn based they've come up with a way to ensure everyone takes their turn at the same time reducing waiting time to a minimum.

Might we have finally found a game that we can have a New Links online gaming session on? It's free (like RTCW:ET), it doesn't require an Xbox (unlike PES4 or Burnout 3 - both of which I bought but was only able to play Bungers and Dogs respectively) or fancy 3D hardware (as we don't all buy a new graphics card every 3 months). I guess that that's a no then.

/Sits back and waits for feeble, cop out excuses.

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bungers said...

I dunno why we don't just play online risk... that's all we used to do on a Friday afternoon back in the good old days there! ;)

hehe.. I'm downloading whatever it is you're recommending now. :)

mmChronic said...

To be fair this looks like Risk++.

I haven't actually tried it - it sounded interesting from the site. I suppose I'd better grab it tonight to check it out.