Thursday, March 03, 2005

New Feature™ Guest Rant!!

My mate sent me this rant yesterday, so I thought I'd share it with you:

Don't know if any of you have been watching Jamie's school dinners on C4 recently, so a few scary facts:

The average allowance for a school dinner in the UK is 35-45p. That's the same price as a packet of crisps, and a third of what is spent on prison dinners.

15% of all children under 11 are obese, and are given a choice of chips, reconstituted meat and pizza for school dinners.

This evening on TV I saw children who couldn't tell a leek from a potato, thought an asparagus was an onion, ate tomato ketchup sandwiches (white bread of course) for lunch, and disturbingly, a girl who had in her lunchbox a kit kat, an aero and a packet of wotsits.

By the time I have kids going to school (pah! fat chance of that!) I would like them to have a choice of food that I would actually like them to eat. And here's where you come in. Please go to the website below and sign Jamie's petition to do something about the absolute crap that is served in school meals these days.

I hope my nan doesn't watch the programme, she used to be a dinner lady and the shock of what they serve these days would probably give her a heart attack!

Well, until the next burning issue...

She won't mind. Watch out for more. If we get her started on George Bush, it'll be a daily feature!


mmChronic said...

Get her started on George Bush - it'll make up for your lack of posts. :)

No name? New Links isn't a soap box for anonymous ranters. Oh hang on yes it is! Just be warned - your 'friend' had better not from sundlind - we'll have no unwashed here! ;)

The comparison with the price of the packet of crisps is a bit irrelevant - the packet of crisps is a packaged end product with all the profit levels built in - a school meal is costed on bulk bought ingredients and no profit. I bet crisps only cost 2p to make. However the fact that a prison meal costs 3 times as much to prepare makes me quite angry.

As for quality of school meals - Lauren goes with a packed lunch and I steal the Aeros and Wotsits before she leaves.

Finally - Jamie Oliver is a fat tongued mockney arse so no I haven't seen his new series.

ILuvNUFC said...

Wot he said.

Is this another "New Feature" from Bungholio that we rarely see more than once then crawls off to die somewhere?

mmChronic said...

Bungers should give her a login - then he can't use this as another excuse not to post his own stuff! ;)

bungers said...


You cna't please some people. You complain about my lack of posts. I post. You then complain about the origin of my posts. Arrrgh!

No one likes a moaner!

mmChronic said...

This one looks very popular indeed.

It's only your post in teh sense taht you psoted it - you didn't actually write it. Of course we aren't going to give you the credit for it. :)