Monday, March 14, 2005

Bible Rap

So you want to spread the Word of God to the yoof of today but feel the archaic prose in the Bible just won't get through to them? Never fear Bible Rap is here. Here's a sample so you can start God rapping right away.
Once there was a man who found a treasure.
Hidden in a field, and he took pleasure.
In selling all he had to buy that field.
To gain the treasure it would yield.
God has a treasure, it's hidden away.
But seek and you shall find some day.
That treasure he offers which is life through the Son.
A life which will last after your life here is done.
I'm off to write Hey Yahweh and You've Gotta Fight For Your Rights To Martyr.

via Portal Of Evil

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Gethsemene Rose said...

I actually recorded a Bible Rap cd a few years ago It can be found at