Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Works fine with I.E.

After cable recall, Xbox's still frying.

One for mmChronic. Apple seeks 'tax' on iPod accessories.

Star Wars Goes 3D. (via)

Images of Violence in the Medieval World. (via)

Special LEGO-version of Volvo XC90. Brilliant.

PSP Video 9. Download, convert and copy video to your PSP using BitTorrent and RSS. (via)

A good Metafilter post on the subject of this great video of a Japanese artist retelling the creation myth with sand trickling through his hands.

I tried for over an hour to post this in Firefox this morning to no avail. I opened IE and it published in seconds and that was not fluke as it has become a method that I've relied on lately. Now who's browser sucks?

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mmChronic said...

I've had problems with IE too - so rather than switch browser we'll just switch sites and publishing platform. ;)

Didn't we say something about the Xbox replacement cables being a kludge that didn't actually fix the problem? The Register claim to be the first English language reporting on it - I've seen it on loads of sites.