Monday, March 21, 2005

New New Links Coming Soon?

I mentioned the other day that we were all getting heartly sick of Blogspot's frequent cackness and said we might well have to move to a paid service.

I've already decided on the publishing platform we will use (more on that later) and so had two things still to do before moving us:
1) Choosing a CHEAP host that was capable of hosting the software I've chosen.
2) Coming up with a domain name.

I think I've found us a very cheap host so that just leaves the domain to sort out. Well that and a huge amount of work on the back end which will make me whinge even more about lack of posting from other NewLinkers! ;) is owned by a UK website company. They should donate it to us as they are crap at their jobs - click the website link on the front page for proof. That's been broke at least as long as our NewLinks has been running. Note: if want their website updated we'll do it for money, beer and weed - mostly weed! Obviously they won't donate the domain name to us so onto the next choice. has been registered since 1997 and nothing has been done with it since. My Admiral Akbar senses tingled at this one - it smells like someone sitting on a domain waiting for a chance to make money by suing someone. That's why I'm not keen on Bungers' suggestion of - the owner of NewLinks might complain about infringing trademarks yada yada yada. and .net point to some ad portal shizzle so I won't even bother giving them the benefit of a link.

We could use a different TLD altogether like cx, tk eg I toyed with registering but decide against it as I wouldn't mind keeping newlinks in the domain for Google purposes.

The quicker we can come up with a name the quicker I can register it and start setting up a new site - so let's have your suggestions sharpish please!


ILuvNUFC said...

Poo-Links? ;)

Actually I quite fancy or any of the possible or whatever. Actually, anything at all. :)

mmChronic said...


Easy to please. :)

Flip said...

Phew...been waiting a good ten minutes to post a comment...

Sorry aboot lack of posting this my defence I have been saying hellooo to the bog for most of it...

multi coloured yawning through th enight leaves ya very sad and wan...

listen kids...when trying a tomatoe and basil frozen cod italian ready meal...cook it 3 times as long as it sez on the packet..

if ya get ma drift :P


as for the nome de plume...I am about sexfreezone-dot-com?

mmChronic said...

it's knackered again? Useless thing. We def need to move.

Yeah I saw on flophouse you'd been ill. My advice is NEVER have
reheated fish of any kind EVER.

Having said that eating microwave meals? yuk! I'd rather have beans on toast! :)

We just point people at Flophouse for their booby needs!

Taoski said...


Seems ok to me!

mmChronic said...

That's not a bad one and it should be cheap to register. What does everyone else think? Maybe hyphenated ( to 'help' Google with assigning our number 1 newlinks spot to us.

I've just checked out the cost of and they are horribly expensive to register. They must think it's 1997 or something - cheeky buggers.

mmChronic said...

So far I'm tempted by one of these: (also incorporates initials of best football team. evar) (quite similar to our existing name)

Any preferences? At the minute I'm leaning slightly toward the .com one as I can get that sorted at the same time as I sort the hosting - filling in a form with credit card details once has a lot to be said for it! ;)

Merg said...

re: domain... I already own a suitable domain (see email) if you want to use that. It can also be an alias to any domain you choose to use.

re: hosting, I believe I can get it gratis. Just need the software. You know my email.

ILuvNUFC said...

mmmmmmmmmmm. Freeeeeeeee.

We like free stuff, we do!

mmChronic said...

We do indeed - and it has been snaffled! ;)

I've took the free name but paid for the hosting (only $4mo) though Hyper pointed me at a $7 one with much more bandwidth which if I thought we'd use I would have went for.

More news very soon!

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