Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Espion Daily - Geordie Photo Blog

Here's a photoblog in Newcastle that shows daily photos taken with one of those Espion Minis - hence the name Espion Daily. He did a Newcastle sunset yesterday too - though I like ours better. ;)

The thing that really puzzles me is how he gets such decent pictures out of one of those Espion things? I posted a picture from one of those on here last year and it was OK. ish.

via BritBlogs - Newcastle


teotwawki said...

Thanks for the link - you're right of course, your sunset is better ;) ... I will have to pinch the 'Newcastle' blog button, where did you find that? re: the espion, the only way to get a decent picture is to up the contrast and saturation, otherwise every photo looks like a smeary grey mess.

mmChronic said...

No problem on the link - I'll also stick you in our local linkage section (near top, RHS, front page) later on.

I made the Newcastle button - feel free to whip it.

Cheers on the Espion tips - I'll have a fiddle with the bairn's tonight though I think there's probably more of an issue with bean stains now as she dropped it into a plateful a while back! :)