Monday, March 21, 2005

Tunnel report?

Game on. A very fast version of Breakout. (via)

Windows XP box.
I needed a small Windows XP machine and a Mini-ITX board was the obvious choice. So I decided to build my "Windows XP Box" in a Windows XP box. The external dimensions of the box are a tiny 243mm x 200mm x 48mm.

Trailer for the forthcoming War Of The Worlds movie.

Do you put it on for them and if so at what point or do we have to train the bitches?
Dog Condoms. (via)
The problem of dog overpopulation is a real one. However, the noble goal of preventing unwanted dog pregnancy does not justify the means being used. Millions of brutal forced castrations and female genital mutilations take place every year in America. We need to put a stop to these atrocities and give every living creature the respect it deserves.

Tobacco Ads. (via)

Mayang's Free Textures. Welcome to our texture library, we have over 1750 free to download, free to use, high-resolution textures (also known as backgrounds, wallpapers or texture maps). (via)

Strange but true.... Ever wondered why you fart when you eat beans or why spaghetti always snaps into three pieces? Well this section tries to answer all those strange questions you've been too embarrassed to ask and explains some of those strange phenomena that make no damn sense, like how do they get those stripes into toothpaste?
We love the Toon. Well most of us do anyway.

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mmChronic said...

That Breakout game is actually the best 404 in the world - evar!

It even beats Hypersloth's!

To prove it's a 404 click on this totally broken link for that site.