Thursday, March 10, 2005

Were gonna win 6-1

Ouch. A fisherman sticks his hand in the mouth of what he thinks is a dead shark. (via)

Magic Mill- Create diploma. Just enter your name, pick your poison, decide when you graduated and VOILA! You'll be all set to print your diploma and hit the big time! (via)

Man eats his own penis. (via)

Jesus Craft. Make your own Jesus from a toilet paper tube, a printer, a piece of paper, some crayons, scissors, and glue. (via)

Funny Picture. Pooper-Scooter. (via)

Drawn!. Drawn! site is a multi-author blog devoted to illustration, art, cartooning and drawing. Its purpose is to inspire creativity by sharing links and resources. (via)

Hippie Havens. (via)


mmChronic said...

You foprgot the word 'again' in the title. ;)

That shark video is nasty! We need to find linkage for the North East's Mystery Porpoise And Dolphin Mutilator which was on the news last night. They reckoned it was a shark but I reckon you went swimming with an axe. ;)

Flip said...

That's it..not only is one of th worlds biggest adult webmaster get together's happening in Praque very soon...

There will be Hippy Chicks by the where did I last put my josh stick...