Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New New Links Is Up


Go check out the new New Links - basic atm but I've only just installed it. Read here for more info.

Existing NewLinks posters go and create an account to have a proper explore.

We aren't ready to move over just yet so this site is still alive - just!


ILuvNUFC said...

You should have used the "death" icon next to the Blogger one.

mmChronic said...

Missed a trick - but I don't think I'll fight with Blogger for half an hour to add it. ;)

doctorvee said...

Looks excellent!

Are we readers supposed to sign up then?

Can't believe I got this far with the Blogger comments btw...

mmChronic said...

Cheers man. :)

To get commenting (and more) you have to sign in - but as I get further along with it I may open more up to unsigned in peeps.

There's been some work done by the Drupal community to do modules to allow other sytem's logins ie I could install a module that would allow LiveJournal users to login with their LJ password etc. V low priority atm though. :)

Looks like we jumped ship just in time - Blogger is getting worse all the time. Another week or two at most and the new site will be running properly and this one will be left for posterity.