Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Morning fellow NewLinkers

Rude Vegetables. (via)

Hacking a car boot. Clever. (via)

Greg Valentine
An interview with Greg Valentine. (via)

Channel 4's 100 Greatest Cartoons. Obviously the Simpsons were always going to win but Fritz The Cat at no. 56? What a rip! (via)

Superdudes Xtreme Pinball.


mmChronic said...

Esther Rantzen would have had a heart attack if someone had sent those vegetables in!

Fritz The Cat is indeed a rip off - I remember reading ages ago about how Robert Crumb wasn't happy with the film version at all.

That chart is definitely shite - Roobarb at 84? No Duckman? It's the usual case of modern box office stuff taking too many top places.

They are stretching the definition of cartoon a bit too - Magic Roundabout? If stop/start or puppets are allowed that opens it up for Chortlon and the Wheelies, Clangers, Bagpuss, Hector's House etc etc.

I meant to watch that the other night - I'm glad I didn't or I would have been muttering darkly at the TV every few minutes! ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

Had the vegetables link kicking around for a while now and just found it on my PC this morning.

Whatever Robert Crumb thought of Fritz it's one of my fave cartoons ever.

Hector's House?? Must have been before my time.

mmChronic said...

HH was very early 70s I believe. Probably not very good - but I loved it as a kid.

Fritz The Cat was good I thought - I was just reminded of the Crumb thing with your use of rip off.