Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Sakhnin Match report is up at nufc.com

Full Sakhnin match report is now up at nufc.com. My only comment on this game is how are such a bunch of dirty, cheating bastards being held up as shining examples of peaceful coexistence?

The referee didn't help matters by bottling most decisions. Several of the Sakhnin players should have been off by the end of the first half and more should have went in the second half. I know people say sending offs spoil a game but imagine if they had seriously injured 3 or 4 of our players - we would have been well fscked. Clubs like this need to be taught a lesson and no lesson would have been better learned than them being down to 3 men and 29 goals behind. Cnuts.

And back to the next stage - there's almost confirmation of the fixture dates for the UEFA - and we're not going away to Lisbon. :(
  1. 21st Oct Panionios (a)
  2. 4th Nov Dinamo Tbilisi (h)
  3. 25th Nov Sochaux (a)
  4. 15th/16th Dec Sporting Lisbon (h)

    1. These fixtures are still to be confirmed.

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