Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Morning All

Atmospheric Optics. Stunning photos of rainbows, ice halos etc.

Online suicide. This site is about a guy who killed himself (by OD'ing) live on a webcam in front of dozens of chatters. His last words... 'I told you I was hardcore!'.

Canadian fined for riding Segway on street.

One for bhell13..Show me where you live on this new EU map.

Homebrew riding mower.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading the suicide thing a few years ago (not a knock - it's new to New Links!) a week or two after it happened. So how 'hardcore' is it to be lying in a box? Idiot.

There's another classic IRC log that shows someone going to 'fix' the flickering street lights outside their house - they subsequently electrocuted themselves. I'll try and dig out a link.

mmChronic said...

That was me. For some reason comments are defaulting to Anon today. Pah.

It's a shame about Wales. There's a lush ice cream shop in Beddgelert which is presumably under the Irish Sea now.

ILuvNUFC said...

Must've been that global warming thingy everybody is on about.

mmChronic said...

At the very least there should be a bunch of little islands that used to be tops of mountains.