Friday, October 01, 2004

Follow up: GameSpy's 25 Most Memorable Games of the Past 5 Years

Bungers posted a link to Gamespy's 25 most memorable games of the past 5 years series the other day. Gamespy concludes the feature with the top 5 most memorable blah blah today.

posted for Bungers as he's finding it a bit difficult to get on the interweb atm.

Funnily Bungers can get at the interweb enough to complain at lack of iconage! Pah!

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bryn said...

Other than "Codename: whatever" thats a pretty good top 5. [GTA3,GT3,THPS2 and SC]
I have clocked plenty of hours on all of the other top 5 games, and recieved "playstation thumb" from most of them too.
I remember when Soul Calibur first came out I was "working" in a small independent games store in Cheltenham.
Me and my manager used to regulary have after work matches that went well into the night, the best one being a race to 100 wins.
Those were that days....