Wednesday, October 06, 2004

SMS Pub Crawl

The Real Ale Guide have just launched a new SMS service. Text the word GOODPUB to 85130 and it will text you back your nearest pub as listed in the Good Pub Guide 2005. Reply to the recommendation within 2 hours with the word NEXT and you've got yourself a pub crawl. Of course the fact I still don't have a mobile phone (Something to do with having a distinct aversion to having brain cancer. Probably.) may make this a little tricky for me to use.

via Web Nymph


Anonymous said...

Incidentally, all studies done have so far failed to prove a link between brain cancer and cellphone use. In fact, there is no proven case. The whole hype started in the early nineties, when a man called a talkshow, claiming his wife had just died from brain cancer due to excessive cellphone use. The media jumped on it. Later it was shown, the man had not been married, ever, and had also sued his district in the UK for damages due to having gotten cancer from his microwave oven.

This is yet another case of the media hyping something with no available link to reality.

ILuvNUFC said...

Well we(mm and I) are not the only ones who think this is more than possible as the UK goverments guidelines regarding mobile phone use has become stricter every year for the last few years. Particularly with regards to young peoples usage.

mmChronic said...

"failed to prove a link" is not the same as "totally safe". As ILN says regulation is getting stronger in this area.

However the gadget factor is starting to outweigh the health factor for me now anyway. I'm not interested in being phonable anywhere which is the main reason I haven't got a mobile (but health fears do play some part in my decision) but I am interested in the cool things phones can do these days.