Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Morning All

A trip into Chernobyl. Lots of pictures.

Color Scheme Generator 2. Easily generate colour schemes for websites.

Skateboarding is dangerous. QT needed.

The flybar. I want one of these. QT/WMP needed.

Pirates v Ninjas.

Castle Element. Lego landscapes and buildings.

American Pie's Stifler soundboard.

Products we wish Microsoft would deliver.

Airport shut down after a humming noise is heard from the bin.
I wonder what it could be?

New Making Fiends:Episode 12.

Strangest Pubs in Britain.

gmail users.com.

Top 20 bizarrely named celebrity offspring of all time.

Thanks to milkandcookies, bifurcated rivets and growabrain


mmChronic said...

Some v good ones there - the Lego one and the airport closure one in particular.

For the latter I guess they thought it was a sex bomb. From my Big Book O' Bad Punnage © 1983.

ILuvNUFC said...

I found another excellent Lego link last night now i can't find it again. Maybe later i'll re-search my history, again.